Details of the Tim Tebow Trade


Despite the signing of Peyton Manning, all anyone still seems to discuss is quarterback Tim Tebow. Roughly four months ago he was considered a savior by some, and today, he is considered by everyone to be the newest New York Jet. We’ll see just how compatible both Tebow and starter Mark Sanchez can be together. The Jets organization felt it necessary to push Sanchez; that will most certainly be the case now that the highly polarizing figure, that is Tim Tebow, is on the roster.

Here are the details of Wednesday’s agreement between the Denver Broncos and New York Jets, which will bring the 2007 Heisman Trophy award winning quarterback to the big apple.


Denver Broncos receive:
-2012 4th round draft pick (No. 108 overall)
-2012 6th round draft pick (No. 177 overall)

New York Jets receive:
-QB Tim Tebow
– 2012 7th round draft pick (No. 215 overall)


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-Dion Caputi


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