2013 NFL Draft spotlight: QB Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech



Age: 20
Height: 6’6″
Weight: 254 lbs.
College: Virginia Tech
Class: r-Junior



2011 – QB rating: 135.50 | Comp/Att: 234/391 | Comp%: 59.8 | Yards: 3,013 | TD: 19 | INT: 10





-Possesses an elite arm.

-Has intriguingly nice size and bulk to his frame.

-A uniquely gifted athlete; quick + agile when on the move. Long-strider capable of running away from defenders when hitting top speed. Has a bit of a power element to his running game as well.

-True playmaker at the quarterback position, capable of keeping plays alive with his feet and buying time. Does well to improvise when the play breaks down.

-Good habit of properly setting feet prior to throwing.

-Transfers weight from back foot to front foot nicely and drives the ball.

-Spins a clean, catchable football.

-Stationary accuracy on both short or long distance throws is typically pin-point.

-While throwing on the run, he maintains velocity and above-average accuracy.

-Has a quick arm motion and regularly releases the football at its highest point.

-Throws lateral routes (swings, RB/WR screens, etc.) nicely.

-Displays good touch and precision when necessary; doesn’t often ‘overthrow’ touch patterns.

-Good arch on deep ball. Drops it into receiver’s hands nicely.



-Pocket presence and ‘feeling’ back-side pressure.

-Has to do a better job protecting the football when scrambling and running.

-Took majority of snaps from shotgun.

-Needs to develop more fluidity and rhythm in his drop backs. A little unpolished under center.

-Has streaks where he can get erratic in his throws.

-Comp% numbers don’t properly reflect how accurate he can be due to some minor mechanical issues.

-Would benefit from being more patient through his progressions.

-Sometimes doesn’t allow the play to develop for him to identify secondary options.

-Can occasionally get flustered in the face of pressure when defenders bear down.


Final Thoughts

While Logan Thomas is a unique player and grade all on his own, I took an extra look this time around to see if I saw more of Cam Newton or more of Terrelle Pryor in terms of an overall quarterback prospect. Thomas is neither, but he’s far closer to being the 1st overall pick-caliber player Newton was, as opposed to strictly being the raw, unpolished passer with undeveloped footwork — but high caliber athleticism and upside — that Pryor was. Logan Thomas isn’t nearly as polished or cognitively advanced under center like Matt Barkley, but he possesses absolutely no physical limitations and the negatives surrounding his game can all be massaged with coaching. Thomas got better with every week last season and provided he is able to carry that over into the 2012 season and add some more polish to his game, he can undoubtedly push to be the top pick in the 2013 NFL Draft — he has the type of ability and upside. A tremendous athlete with a true ability for the position. It will be interesting to see how Logan Thomas — a high school QB/WR/DB recruited to Va Tech as a tight end — will adjust to life without his top two targets Jarrett Boykin and Danny Coale, who’ve now moved on to the NFL. Of course, he is an underclassman with two years of eligibility remaining, but he will be graduating this year, and another successful campaign could most certainly intrigue scouts and force him to enter early.


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