2013 NFL Draft Spotlight: QB Landry Jones, Oklahoma



Age: 23
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 229 lbs.
College: Oklahoma
Class: r-Senior



2011 – QB rating: 141.6 | Comp/Att: 355/562 | Comp%: 63.2 | Yards: 4,463 | TD: 29 | INT: 15

2010 – QB rating: 146.3 | Comp/Att: 405/617 | Comp%: 65.6 | Yards: 4,718 | TD: 38 | INT: 12

2009 – QB rating: 130.8 | Comp/Att: 261/449 | Comp%: 58.1 | Yards: 3,198 | TD: 26 | INT: 14





-Big, tall kid who won’t have trouble finding throwing lanes in the NFL.

-Will leave school with nearly four full years of starting experience.

-Exhibits good anticipation and timing with receivers.

-When given the necessary time, he displays the ability to drive the football down field.

-Patient to let the play develop.

-Over time he continues to improve at making pre-snap adjustments within his offense.

-Nice spin to his passes. Catchable ball. Check.

-Arm is far from elite, but he can make sideline and stick throws.

-Quality sideline accuracy on rollouts; pretty comfortable passing while on the move.

-Squares shoulders and sets feet well. Just needs to do it more consistently.



-Played out of a strict spread offense; utilized easy reads and many checkdowns.

-Seldom took snaps under center; played almost exclusively out of the shotgun.

-Tendency to forget or ditch mechanics when facing pressure.

-Arm motion isn’t always fluid and consistent from play-to-play.

-Displays occasional zip to his passes, but lacks any sort of true velocity. Arm strength is average at best.

-A little delayed and long in releasing the football.

-Play action doesn’t fool anyone.

-Not a great athlete. Can’t create or keep plays alive with his feet.

-Pocket presence isn’t bad, but it needs development.

-Ball placement isn’t always very good, especially on deeper throws.

-Has the tendency to loft the ball a little too much on deeper passes — allowing defenders to better play the football.

-Some questionable decisions on tape. Doesn’t risk interceptions very much, but throws into double coverage at non-advantageous times.


Final Thoughts

The key to Landry Jones’ draft grade by this season’s end will rely on how much more true ability he can flash to entice teams. As of right now, I have a hard time grading him out as a top 15-20 selection, let alone top 10. He is a borderline 1st round grade in my evaluation as of right now, solely because the consistency and overall natural skills aren’t on display enough for my liking. He has the ability to be a highly sought after player, but there are plenty of questions that need answering this season, and it was a very wise decision for Jones to return to school to get the opportunity to answer them. Landry Jones is a calm, collected, durable, and tested individual. Not often do you see players of his caliber stick around all four years — especially when they’ve started as many games as he has. This is a great chance for scouts and evaluators to see if Jones’ work ethic and willingness to get better is what most expect it to be; or if over time he has gotten complacent. It’s one of many interesting side plots to the 2013 NFL Draft, and people love senior quarterbacks. Landry Jones is one of the nation’s best in that regard, but ‘how’ good can he be? We’ll have to wait and see.


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