2013 NFL Draft Spotlight: OT Chris Faulk, LSU




Age: 22
Height: 6’6″
Weight: 323 lbs.
College: Louisiana State
Class: Rs-Junior





-Keeps elbows compact and within his frame.

-Seals well; displaying the ability to box out defenders with his big frame, creating running lanes.

-Able to get good leverage in run blocking by keeping a low pad level.

-Keeps his feet moving through blocks in the run game.

-Does a good job directing rushers outside, using their own momentum against them.

-Gets off the ball quickly at the snap in run blocking.

-Generates a good push off the snap in short-yardage/goal line situations.

-Decent cut-blocker; hides the block from defenders well before performing it.

-Naturally powerful individual with great size and and overall mass.

-Will leave school with lots of experience: 25 appearances, 15 starts going into his Junior season.




-Has a tendency to roll hips his into defenders, not generating much of a pop at the point of attack; minimizes his ‘football strength’.

-Lacks ideal mirroring abilities because of only average lateral movement skills; this inability doesn’t allow him to stick to blocks very well.

-He will struggle to beat many speed rushers to the edge in the NFL when left on an island.

-More of a waist bender, lacking the ideal flexibility and knee bend as a pass protector.

-Gets a little upright in pass pro occasionally and is susceptible to being jolted off balance.

-Average at best in getting off the ball in pass pro. Not one of the first lineman to pop up out of his stance and prepare for contact.

-Has power in his hands, but a strong punch is not evident.

-Doesn’t typically extend his arms into a defender; rushers are able to get within his frame and stack + shed much easier because of it.

-Base strength is evident, but it’s negated by his inability to play with flexibility and bend.

-Motor/drive? When he finishes an assignment or falls down, his play is usually over.



Final Thoughts:

Although Faulk is a very good run blocker but displays obvious deficiencies out of a top tier blind side protector. His pass blocking improvement from the left tackle position this season will be evaluated heavily, but for the time being he has the look of a right tackle with the skill set to play inside at guard as well. Only a Junior, Faulk enters his fourth year on campus after redshirting his true freshman season in 2009. It is by no means out of the realm of possibility that he declares eligible for the 2013 NFL Draft, should he put together another good season. Quite clearly not a zone-blocking type player, he is rather a prototypical power blocker, whose ‘plus’ run blocking ability will be best utilized in a man-to-man scheme at the next level. Managing 73.5 knockdowns in 2011, good for third-best on the LSU offensive line, Faulk exhibits an obvious knack for run blocking. He is a physical player who also has the ability to work well in tight areas. Certainly the book on Chris Faulk has not been completed yet, as the 2012 season will be telling.


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